Welcome to the Lawyers, Public Accountants and Tax Advisors
Weiss  Walter  Fischer-Zernin

Our law firm which has a more than 80 year long tradition was founded by Dr. Dr. Karl Weiss in 1924. Its focus is mainly Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Labour Law as well as Insolvency Law and Restructuring.

Among its clients there are important international groups of companies as well as large medium-sized enterprises. Our partners are present in numerous supervisory- and advisory boards of renowned enterprises.

Due to its experienced and renowned teams, our law firm is able to service clients on the highest professional level. The main focus of our services is the economic goal of our clients and its strict and efficient execution. Doing so, the view of our lawyers and public accountants is not limited to pure legal aspects or formalisms. Due to its existence over many decades, our law firm has an excellent network, also on the international level, in order to service the interests of our clients also worldwide.